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The Importance of Disconnecting: A Guide to Having a Restorative Vacation

Dedicating specific time solely for the purpose of restoration and relaxation can significantly improve your mental health and increase productivity in the long run. Various studies have shown that vacations are associated with an increase in a positive mood, job satisfaction as well as overall life satisfaction. These benefits persist even weeks after the vacation…

How Stress Impacts Your Body and How to Cope With It

World Health Organisation defines stress as a “state of mental tension caused by a difficult situation.” However, the term ‘stress’ is very subjective, and there is no one definition of stress that is accepted by everyone. We may face hindrances in our day-to-day lives that can be overwhelming to adapt to. This results in strong…

Struggling with Burnout? Here are 6 Strategies that can help you get Back on Track

Striking the right balance between personal and professional life can be challenging. Between the altered working conditions ever since the Covid 19 pandemic and increasing expectations at home and work, many people have started to feel physically and mentally drained. A restless and unfocused mental state can significantly affect workplace productivity and lead to procrastination…

Namaste and Welcome to Deuraly!

Welcome to Deuraly, a word derived from the Napali language, which means a pass between hills and mountains through which travelers can reach their destinations. Generally on top of a hill or a mountain and beside a stream of water, Deuraly provides travelers a place to rest, quench their thirst, engage with other travelers and…