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About Deuraly

Deuraly is the vision of Bhuwan Sharma and Papita Sharma. After having spent more than 2 decades in a corporate environment and as an entrepreneurs, they realized the need for a balanced life and the need to reconnect with nature.

As a couple born in the foothills of the Himalayas, they enjoyed time spent in their childhood land in Sikkim & Darjeeling, India. Spending time in the midst of nature brough peace, calmness and provided the frame of mind to appreciate nature and understand what they have been missing when running the corporate rat race and living in big cities.

As such, Bhuwan & Papita have a vision of building a nature retreat for people to spend time in the midst of nature, reflect on life and re-energize to continue living a balanced life.

This site is being started as a blog to provide information and insights to people with similar mindset on how to disconnect & enjoy some time in the midst of nature, highlight activities that can be performed as individuals or as a family, and re-energize to continue living.

Please keep coming back to learn about our journey and if you want to support us, please visit Rucir, where you can learn more about “Managing your Wellness” and support us with your purchase.

Namaste until we connect again!


Bhuwan & Papita